July 11, 2020


Health Insurance – a security against medical emergencies

You might have heard of the old saying,” Health is Wealth” which seems a simple sentence but its significance and meaning is so deep which says that the wealthiest thing you will ever own is good health. Being an extremely rich doesn’t do you much good if your health isn’t good and you can’t enjoy […]

Health Care vs. Health Insurance

I’ll be blunt and get right to the three points of this article. Point 1. Health care and health insurance should be separated. Point 2. If it weren’t for the fact that health insurance has come to mean health care for most Americans there would be no health care reform. Point 3. The only way […]

Recession Causes Higher Individual Health Insurance Rates in More States

Recently, Anthem Blue Cross–the largest provider of health insurance in California–proposed a significant increase in the price of its individual health insurance policies. The price hike of over 30% was set to take effect several months from now, and drew criticism from the Obama administration. Under current law, health insurance companies are regulated by the […]

Individual Health Insurance vs. Group Health Insurance

Individual health insurance is very different from group health insurance in some respects. Many people have had group health insurance from a large corporate group plan and that is all that they have ever known. Many have never had to actually pick and choose between different insurance companies and different health plans as all of […]

Guide to Student Health Insurance

Congratulations, you have honest graduated from high school, and you’ve decided to recede on and further your education by going to college. At this time your parent’s health insurance idea may have dropped you, but don’t wretchedness, because there is a resolution… student health insurance. Types of student health insurance plans include but are not […]

Coverage for All

A health insurance coverage is meant to financially lend a hand you in case there happens a setback in your health. The insurer may be an individual group or a central authority agency. In a health policy, coinsurance refers back to the proportion of the scientific bills that the insured particular person should pay after […]

The Best Health Insurance Solution If You’re Self-Employed

If you are one of the millions of self employed Americans with no health insurance, take advantage of the new affordable health insurance options now available. With a health savings account and a high deductible individual or family policy you can afford to protect your family’s health. And it has tax benefits too. A Health […]

Affordable Health Insurance

Besides inpatient coverage, a health insurance policy chosen should have pre- and post-hospitalization coverage, maternity coverage, critical illness cover and many other benefits. Another important aspect that is found useful by the Indian population is the facility of Cashless Hospitalization in network hospital. Apollo Munich brings cost-effective products for Indian customers. There is no doubt […]