July 11, 2020


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NOTE: Following these simple steps you will be able to install the site with no effort and in little time. At the end of this document we will also make a full backup of your new site, so basically you are learning how to fully deploy a WordPress site – without any tools but a web browser – which is a quite skilled job. For this reason, once again, all the steps are important and should be followed TO THE LETTER.

REQUIREMENTS: Your host must support PHP5 & MySQL 4 or later, and run CPanel. The site where you will be installing should be clean. If there is another website either in html or WordPress please delete them.

FILES: inside the zipped file downloaded from us there are three files: a database .sql file, a backup zip file, and this readme file. Leave the zip file alone, you will upload it compressed as it is. There might be some graphics files also (logo etc.) and sometimes a second readme file.

1. Login into your website CPanel (yoursite.com/cpanel).

2. Go to CPanel>Fantastico, select WordPress on the left, click New Installation and install fresh WordPress (will also create the database, take note of the name just in case) with username admin password 12345. Leave ‘Install in directory’ filed blank to install in the root.

3. Go to CPanel>File Manager and download wp-config.php to your computer. You will need this file later. This is a critical step.

4. Go to CPanel>Databases>phpMyAdmin, select database previously created by Fantastico (name likely similar to xxxxx_wrdpx), click import, choose .sql file, click Go. At the end you should get a successfully finished message, if there is something wrong, repeat the entire procedure.

5. Once imported, click on the database name on the left, locate the wp-options table on the left, click on it, and change siteurl to your own (click on the pencil icon to edit). We will take care of other details from within WordPress later.

6. Go to CPanel>file manager and upload the zip file (which is INSIDE the zip file downloaded from us, DO NOT upload the .zip file received after the purchase) to your site document root (along with wp-admin, wp-content, wp-config and a bunch of other files), right click and extract it in the same path (existing files will be of course overwritten). Uploading may take a while. (Please note that some hosts limit the size of the files which can be uploaded. It usually says the max file size in the file manager upload window. If the website backup is larger than the limit please ask your host to raise the limit or use an ftp client to upload the file).

7. Go to CPanel>file manager and upload wp-config.php overwriting the existing one (critical step).

Almost done! We’re finished with CPanel. Now in your browser go to yoursite.com/wp-admin (enter username admin password 12345), you should be able to get into the admin panel. Once there:

Click on Settings>General on the left and change site address URL and email with your own.

Go to Users>Your Profile and change the password too if you want to. Now visit the site making sure that everything is visible.

Go to Genesis>SEO Settings and change Home title and Description with your own. Do the same with Title and Tagline in Settings>General.