August 15, 2020


High Value Home Insurance

Home insurance comes labelled and packaged in various ways, designed to cater for people from all walks of life. Whether the home is a modest two bedroom semi detached or an eight bedroom country mansion, there is a policy available that will provide cover relevant to the risk. Choosing the correct policy, however, is where the difficulties arise for the homeowner. Whilst it is not a legal requirement to have home insurance, to leave your most valuable assets and treasured possessions unprotected could be considered foolish. To help you through the quagmire of home insurance policies that are available, and guide you in making the correct choice in policy cover, a simple guideline to consider would be to look at the values you potentially have at risk.

If the rebuild cost of your home is in excess of ?350,000 and you have contents and fine art/antiques to the value of ?150,000 plus, a high net worth policy should be the policy you choose.

High net worth insurance is considered to be a “speciality policy” on the vast menu of home insurance policies available today, and is available from a select number of providers. Suitable for wealthy homeowners, bringing an extensive range of cover unrivalled by “standard” homeowner policies. Created for those who require the absolute best to protect their most valuable and treasured possessions.

In addition to providing Accidental Damage and All Risks Worldwide cover for your contents, fine art, antiques and personal possessions, a high net worth policy can be tailored to meet your individual insurance requirements, in keeping with your lifestyle. The policy will offer generous single article limits and many add-ons such as identity fraud, legal expenses and worldwide travel insurance.

When buying a high net worth policy, not only are you purchasing premium buildings and contents insurance but also a personalised service which is a necessity with this kind of home insurance cover From the moment you want to discuss and arrange it right through to the assistance you will need if you ever have to make a claim. Indeed it is the claims service of high net worth home insurance policies that sets them apart from standard home insurance products. A team dedicated to resolving your claim quickly and professionally without any fuss.

As with any insurance before “signing on the dotted line”, it is useful to obtain several quotes from different insurers so that you can make a comparison in cover, and choose the right policy for you.

With the right policy, wealthy individuals can feel safe in the knowledge that they have chosen one of the best home insurance policies available.